Surrealist Painting, oil on canvas, PD, 1959
In 1959 PD had the great fortune of attending his junior high school art teacher's after-school labs. Under this guidance and support, he was presented with the methods of oil painting and the lexicon of surrealism. This architecture of phantasmagoria offered a means to express the churning curiosity and passions of his formative period. Looking at the style and form of this painting, one could glean what is to come.
Arrival, photograph, PD, 1972
PD will remain a mysterious set of initials. He is the man behind the curtain. In 1972, he was a veteran, an undergraduate student, an artist and a "jerk off." At his secluded family home in upstate New York, he explored concepts that had fascinated him ever since he had seen BDSM themed films like House of Wax.

Arrival features a woman in peril, a woman whose form has been eroticized by clothing. It's as if Vincent Price had made a lingerie catalog. This image was published on in 1998.
Face Hugger, mixed media, PD, 1972
Working with the complexity of leather and hardware, PD pondered the possiblity of a piece that could be made with just a sharp knife and leather (kiss it). This piece turned out amazingly - it would fit any size and shape and permit a tight fit. Thus it could be used as an ergonomic tool for patterns when committing to more elaborate hoods and harnesses.

In the tradition of the great John Willie, PD added a "Make" category to the original Insex site and produced detailed drawings for the face hugger.

Click on the image to get a full-size printable page, and make your own DIY face hugger.

Later, Insex explored many more configurations of face restraint. Most were metal gags of one form or another, commissioned from our master metalsmith. We like them all so much that we made a metal gags page just so we could sit and look at them.
Tinker Toy Cage, iron pipes and Kee Klamps, PD, 1975
Tinker Toy Cage originated at the convergence of two pivotal experiences. PD wanted to build an optical-stabilization table from pipes and clamps. Around the same time, he came upon the most amazing fetish art he had ever seen. He described the experience as extra-sensory. Turning the pages of the illustrated book Marie Gabrielle by Georges Pichard, he was introduced to a perverse fetish, forged in the history of religious persecution, captivity and slavery, flowing out of the aristocratic and Christian dungeons of Europe.

Marie Gabrielle featured elaborate bondage devices made from a combination of fictional items and repurposed real-world materials. One of the real materials was pipe. Pichard illustrated that pipe's usefulness for plumbing -- strength, regular shape and connectivity -- naturally leads to its usefulness in bondage. Just about any restraint imagined with straight lines could be made from it. But the lustfully utilitarian process of creating the device -- of fitting pipes to a human body -- produced an object that is also a true sculpture.

The simplest such structure is a rudimentary cage. This kind of cage, and Kee Klamps generally, became a staple of Insex and Infernal Restraints. More elaborate bondage devices automatically followed, as PD developed ever more interesting demands on his performers bodies.
The Box, PD, 1977
An early philosophical influence of PD was the sexology of Wilhelm Reich, who claimed that sexual love stood in opposition to fascism: physical and emotional release cured repression, while fascism required repression.

As an early psychoanalyst, Reich claimed that patients who suffered psychological trauma responded by developing defensive body postures. Physical intervention through various forms of human touch affected the body postures and allowed the trauma to be revealed.

PD discovered early on that the intimacies of bondage, pain, fear, and sexual release resonated strongly with these prescriptions. In many episodes the participants shared discussion about the "best parts" that could only be interpreted as carthartic denouements.

Wilhelm Reich, proposed the "orgone" energy field that could be enhanced in specially configured boxes PD decided to examine Reich's ideas by building his own. Of course the idea resonated strongly with his own sexual proclivities.

PD spent many hours in his "accumulator". In the spirit of pareidolia he can attest that these sessions increased his vitality immensely and were a major force in the creations that featured his work in the Insex "gallery".
The Expression of the Box, PD, 1977
The first box was executed some where around 1975. Pine shelving was layered and overlapped to fashion channels, and tenons. This became expeditious and practical with the advent of drywall screws and battery powered hand drills.

The wood became a second skin as it was fashioned to tightly hold a human body with inspiration from Egyptian sculpture.

They where like psychological pupas — the person emerging was some how changed — at least for a while.

The airtight seals also allowed them to become speaker enclosures. The first box was fashioned such that a base reflex functioned while the person was inclosed.
Bag It Hood Assembly Drawing, mixed media, PD, 1980
This Hood called "Bag-It" is a very seductive accessory and over the years has offered PD many magical inducements. He made this particular design from garment leather and stitched it with an ordinary sewing machine (hand cranked). It offers a range of controls that can produce a heady submersion of the senses. Depending on experience and practice, by careful application of the draw-cord, it can be worn for hours (loosely) or minutes (tightly) (never leave a person alone hooded). The placement of the channel for the draw-cord is such that it pulls tight under the chin, but, does not reach the neck. The leather was soaked in genuine Neats foot oil (rendered animal oil). This imparts a soft and clinging texture and possesses an aroma not unlike musk. These compelling qualities have inspired many bondage hood scenes over the years.

Click on the image to get a full-size printable page, and make your own DIY Bag It Hood.
Untitled, oil on canvas, 4ft x 6ft, PD, 1983
PD combined his interests in photography, painting and bondage to create this superimposed artwork of a woman bound with soft cord and cling wrap. Look closely to see the the model's face merged into the medium image of her body.

Two photographs were superimposed in a dark room, and the result was enlarged through oil painting. Today, large format printing is somewhat available to the average person. In 1983, achieving a luminous 4 foot by 6 foot spectacle was done by hand.
manINFESTation, gallery show, PD, 1995
manINFESTation took place at the Trans Hudson Gallery in Jersey City, New Jersey, in July of 1995. It consisted of a three-part performance, several images, and two installations. Live models were bound amid interactive digital feedback machines. Attendees could use a mouse to operate an orgasm simulator which displayed a woman's increasingly aroused face. Her face changed color as she climaxed – if the operator was doing it right., HTML and multi-media, Designer: PD, Builder: The Engineer
Insex began as a venue for publishing nearly three decades of PD's bondage photography, paintings and multi-media. It was the next logical step up from the early internet practice of publishing on Usenet news groups. The site drew upon the influence of Japanese bondage clubs in its offering of live performances.

Insex Live Online Show, streaming audio, JPEGs, text chat, Handler: PD, Submissive: Philly
Since the late 1980's PD had created BDSM performances for live audiences in art venues. By the late 1990's he wanted to stream a live show over the internet, but video-streaming technology was not widely available. Instead, his team published JPEG images every few seconds, while chatting through IRC and streaming audio through RealPlayer.

In what may qualify as the world's first live online porn show, Philly was bound, punished and cleaned internally. 15 years of subsequent live shows have welcomed improved technology, while keeping nearly the same structure.