Hook, Box & Ringer
Cherie DeVille faces a challenge today. She starts off in a box, a full

sized cage, actually, and while it is uncomfortable it is at least

safe. PD doesn't want anything to happen to her while she is in


Once he pulls her out all bets are off. The chains he has her shackled in

should give her a hint of what is to come. When he is kind

enough to leave her in a comfortable position she had better thank him

for it.

Thanking him for kindness, asking him to cum, begging to serve, these are

the signs of a polite and obedient slave. If she can't keep up on

basic manners he will have to teach her a lesson or two.

It doesn't matter if she is hooked, boxed or getting shocked by the

ringer, Cherie has one job. All she needs to do is not forget herself

and maybe the torments will stop.
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