Cute girl next door is run though the sexual gauntlet. Amazing sex and submission!
Welcome back the cutest girl next door that does bondage and rough sex, Mia Gold. This girl loves the ropes and loves sex and submitting.

Tightly bound in a traditional Japanese box tie, Mia is completely helpless. From the word "go" Mia is overwhelmed. She has no choice but take it, to endure it. It makes her cum over and over. It is brutal, it is relentless, it is enduring. Almost in a mindless state, she has to go into survival mode, but that cannot protect her from the orgasms that we rip out of her defenseless body.

The cock shows no mercy, it is her destroyer and her salvation. This is bound rough sex at its best, devastating face fucking, all the way down the back of the throat. Her pussy is fucked deep, bottoming out, making her cum over and over. She can do nothing but take it, nothing but to cum over and over. Her mind is gone, she is surviving on pure painful pleasure. Deep in subspace, we fingerbang her and flash her brain deep and deeper as she squirts. She has no control over her body, not even the most basic functions. What is human is gone, instead we are left with a mindless orgasm junky.

In the end she is hung upside down and made to cum again. Her friend looks on with jealously in her eyes, Mia looks back with humiliation in hers, she was sexually destroyed, and every one in the room knows it..
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