Sexually Possessed
We called Alani Pi sexually possessed because there is something
inside of her that has a ravenous sexual appetite begging to be
satisfied. There is a demon in her and the only way to exorcise it is
to exercise it. She needs to be flagellated, humiliated and violated
until she can't take anymore, then pushed past her limits to
experience true submission.

Cyd Black is her confessor and her penance. He already knows all of
Alani's sins, it is just a matter of making her pay for them. He binds
her, in case she tries to escape. Every twist and knot in the rope is
meant to keep her still for her punishment. Every position he fixes
her in is to leave her as vulnerable as possible.

That kind of exposure is too tempting to pass up. Alani is going to
scream for every sin. Cyd is going to make her cum until she is
cross-eyed and then he is going to turn up the torment another notch
and start all over again.
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