More Extreme Part 2
Alex comes off the Tremor, pussy still dripping from her intense orgasm. She's told to put her face in Brooke's crotch while the next position is setup. The problem is that she has to kneel on the spike board. Brooke is told to count down from 30, every time she gets to 1 Alex has to change position causing more pain.

Alex is tied up and suspended. She makes a great punching bag. Hits to the gut, face, ass, and chest cause her to scream out. She begs for the box to stand on. That's only a slight reprieve before the cattle prod is brought in. Alex gets some harsh shocks.

Alex needs to be punished. She's a total fuck up. She prefers thuddy pain. The paddles come out and Alex's ass turns a bright red and then a dark purple.
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