His Mark Part 3
Brooke prepares for her next ordeal. Her terror is our delight. "Cut" "Stab" "Poke" "Penetrate" "Impale". These are words Brooke should not be thinking about. That's why we have to remind her of them. In particular the word impale really nails the point home. As her torment unfolds Brooke's condition deteriorates. Her tears flow so freely. It's a sight to behold. Her submission is beautiful. Her willingness to undergo such an ordeal is beyond words.

It's time for his final mark. Brooke is tied and strapped over a bench. Her ass and legs are completely exposed. The cane is prepared. Brooke asks for a stick to bite down on. The strokes come hard and fast. The marks are bright and instant. Brooke's ass is completely bruised from hip to knee. She screams and cries out.