Plundered Princess Part 3
Our princess has some lovely marks. It's time for her to get her face messed up. She's attached to the back of Lexi's cage and she's given some of the hardest face slaps and punches we've ever seen. Dolly moans as her face swells. The tears drip down her cheeks.

Once Dolly is released from her face torment she deserves to get off. Lexi holds the vibrator on her while she's strung up by her neck. She moans and screams, but she doesn't get to cum yet. Then she is tied standing in a spread eagle position. Lexi, our guest Alice, and OT begin biting her all over. She gets loud as teeth clamp down on bits of her flesh all over her body.

Finally she gets to cum. Her pleasure is short lived. The viewers request she's punished for summing without permission so she gets tickled. It's the worst torment all day.
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