Daisy Ducati is “something like a pain slut.” By that she means she loves having her body tested, being pushed into subspace, and suffering as much painful punishment as she can physically or mentally stand. She has a hot tanned body and is rocking a tiny little skirt that shows off her amazing ass. Her tank top hugs her tits well enough to put all kinds of wicked ideas in our heads.

Daisy is Loud. It isn't really her fault. For some reason the things that Jack Hammer does to her just get her going. He's got the good sense to keep her gagged through most of it because there is no reason he should have to suffer just because she is. It's all pussy torture for her today. Take a look at it and you'll see why. We couldn't tell you why but it looks like it is just begging for someone to abuse it.

It starts with the whip. It's a sharp, precise kind of pain. The tip of it cuts across her pussy lips and clit and sends searing pain all throughout her body. It's like a sharp shock or a lash of fire, having her pussy tortured. She wasn't lying when she called herself a pain slut. She's dripping wet and ready for it when Jack slides the dildo inside of her.

The first dildo was the smallest and the first orgasm the easiest. She is going to get trained to accept larger objects inside of her. Each rubber cock that she has to push inside of her is larger than the last, but none of them compare to the finale. Jack pushes his entire fist up inside of her, practically splitting her in half and making her squirt and cry while she cums.
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