Tiny Asian Asia Zo in her 1st bondage shoot gets Sexuallybroken epic deepthroat & squirting orgasms!
They don’t get much more compact than Asia Zo. This tiny toy clocks in at 4’11 and under 100 pounds. She honestly looks too tiny to take the dick we are going to be dishing out today. Lucky for us all, looks can be deceiving. This Asian stunner can take it by the truckload and after 6 years in the industry has chosen to do her very first bondage scene with us.

Time to show Asia how we do things, Sexuallybroken style. Bound with belts in a classic fuck me position with her tiny toes pointed up towards the ceiling, both ends of our fuckdoll are wide open for access. She has never been so immobilized in her entire life. This is what bondage is. Judging by how wet our toy gets, helpless is something that works very well for her.

We simply walk right up and stick 10 inches of dick into 4’11 feet of Asian spinner. Mouth and pussy both, tag teaming down as her eyes go glassy and her face so slack. Asia just simply dissolves into a squirting cumming gasping blissed out bag of holes. This is what a bondage newbie looks like as they get hooked right before your very eyes.

The brutal deepthroat and rough fucking continue until Asia can no longer recall her name and is twitching under a layer of her own cum. Something tell us that even though this was Asia’s very bondage shoot, it most certainly will not be her last. We love breaking in the newbies…
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