Body Play
With a name like Scarlet De Sade how could anyone resist playing with her? Her pretty little toes match her pretty little dress. Don't even get us started with her tits. They're huge! Once she's tied up she checks out her bondage. She wiggles and even suspends herself. She bends forward to reveal her sexy little white cotton panties. On closer inspection OT sees her lip peaking through.

OT sees how hott Scarlet is for the bondage so he pulls up her legs and spreads them wide. He attaches a clamp to her labia and hangs heavy weights from it. Then he beats her like she needs to be beaten. Even with the heavy whacks of the flogger Scarlet moans and coos.

Contorted with her feet held in the air sitting on her ass OT has access to cane her. First he goes after her feet and then her ass. Once she's nice and tender OT brings in the metal dildo and gives her the orgasms she deserves.
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