PD's B&B
Every guy showers. Not every guy can get spit shined by the beautiful Cici Rhodes while he does it though. PD just finished giving her the grand tour of the farm and he needs to wash off the dust of the day. She is the best tool available for making sure he gets squeaky clean.

Cici is a guest, though, and so she will enjoy the kind of hospitality only PD offers. That means that tonight they will camp out together under the stars for a bit, with a crackling fire and some intense bondage. As she struggles to keep her balance PD takes the opportunity to violate her pussy.

He thinks about leaving her outside for the wildlife to enjoy but PD isn't done with Cici yet. Being a guest in his home is not just about service and bondage. Sometimes it involves a little bit more suffering. He has a very thin cane that leaves a beautiful mark with every stinging blow. It is great for giving Cici a lesson in what it takes to please him.
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