First Date
Mia Li is an exotic Asian beauty. She has marvelous, big, sensitive tits, practically begging to be tied off, pinched, or clamped. Her ass is so nice it would be a crime not to spank it, cane it, or whip it. She has long, black hair, perfect for pulling. So when she showed up telling O.T. that she loves tight, rough rope bondage you know we're not exaggerating when we say that her words and her body are literally asking for what comes next.

Once Mia is tied up on the floor it is too late to turn back, not that she would want to. Something about being controlled and constrained the way she is turns her on. Rope around her arms and legs is arousing. The rope that runs between her legs and presses against her pussy is even more so. When O.T. pushes it all aside and drives Mr. Pogo home in her snatch she provides no resistance. Her wet lips part it slides right in.

She gets stood up in the middle of the room. The rope around her neck makes sure she won't take a seat until O.T. wants her to. He slaps her face to show her place, then cuts away her clothes to get a better look at her stunning body. That's when the corporal punishments begin. She looks hot, but every girl looks better with some marks. The whip and cane are going to provide the perfect accents to her ass, tits and thighs, all while she struggles to stay balanced. O.T. will apply the finishing touches with hot wax before giving Mia the most mind-blowing orgasms of her life.
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