Pain is Love Part 3
Well, Bella Rossi, it is time for an honored tradition here at We like to get to know our victims a bit. We ask a few questions near the beginning of a feed but we know that it's so hard to get a straight answer when they aren't under pressure.

Running some electrified clamps to her nipples certainly qualifies as a bit of pressure. Every time she gives an answer we don't like we give her a bit of punishment. She says it feels like a fist in her pussy and a single tail whip across her nipples at the same time. It's certainly a reminder to be on her best behavior, in case she is ever in our clutches again. We teach her to be a better person, one painful shock at a time.

For most girls the interrogation is quick. They can't handle a lot of shocks and their background is surprisingly clean. Bella is another matter all together. She is a tough one. Even as she screams in pain and the tears start to flow down her cheeks, she never begs for mercy. Her make up is long ruined. But yet, for every question we ask her she does the same thing. She takes a deep breath, repeats it as instructed, and then answers it truthfully, knowing that the punishment for lying is far worse than what she gets for telling the truth.
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