Daddy's Little Girl
Rain DeGrey has described our live feed process as "challenging". If
that isn't the understatement of the century I don't know what is.
Challenging is having to stand in an uncomfortable position for a
little bit of time. What we are doing to her is downright brutal.

It starts off tame. That may be where she got the impression that
today would only be slightly difficult. We ask her a few questions
about her past like we actually care, but really it is just a way to
soften her up and make her feel vulnerable before we get to the tough

What comes next brings her to tears. First we jam a cock so
far down her throat she gags on it. Next we put her on her
knees, PD and Matt each grab a cane, and they go to town on the soles
of her feet. The first few blows make her shudder and wince but as
they start to synchronize their blows she starts to sob
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