Bondage newbie Tinslee Reagan is brutally throat trained by 2 hard cocks while strictly bound!
In keeping with the Sexuallybroken tradition of providing both experienced porn whores and fresh faced newbies, we are happy to present someone who is getting their first taste of proper bondage. At 4’11 and only 21 years old, Tinslee Reagan is a compact little package. What she may lack in experience, she more then makes up for in enthusiasm and a willingness to worship the dick.

This is our Meet and Greet, where we test our new meat and see just how far we can push them. All it takes to render this little fucktoy completely exposed and ready for use is 2 short pieces of rope. A quick binding of her elbows and wrists and it is time for the action to start. We expose those perfect perky breasts and throughly examine that flawless bubblebutt. Even in extremely high heels, Tinslee is still a tiny little thing, and we like what we see. We like it a lot. Time to show this starlet exactly what we do with someone we like.

Dropping her down to her knees, the throat training begins. One after another, the cocks walk up and make full use of her throat pussy. You can see the realization on Tinslee’s face as she adjusts to her new purpose in life. Rock hard huge cock wedged deeply into her windpipe is her entire reality. She chokes and gasps on the dick, doing her best to survive her training. We are nothing if not nice, and throw a little vibrator her way. Tinslee cums gratefully as she rides the vibrator with a dick in her throat.

When cock meets makeup, cock always wins. By the time we are done with her, Tinslee’s hair and makeup are destroyed. Her eyes are glassy and faraway and she is covered in drool. This newbie has handled our Meet and Greet with flying colors. We crank our fucktoy up into a strict strappado and leave her there to languish. When we want another round, we will be back...
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