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Alice Frost is back, this super cute girl next door, looks all innocent, but this girl has skills no "good" girl should have. This is our "Meet and Greet" with Alice, where we test the girl to see what she can handle, it sets the tone for the other 2 scenes. All the bondage is done on camera, this type of shoot is the most authentic BaRS scene you can witness. Nothing faked all done before your eyes.

The pre-interview is over and we toss Alice a ball gag and instruct her to put it on tightly. We command her to move the chair back, then we tightly bind her elbows together. A slight moan leaves her lips as we tighten up the rope, this is a good sign.

We cut her shirt and pull it down to expose her big natural tits. We make her watch while we tightly bind each soft breast into a hard bulbous balloon of fun. Next is the big shocker, without warning we knock Alice to her back, Insert 3 fingers into her wet pussy and with in seconds she is a squirting, cumming, screaming mess, that fast. From 0 to slut in about 4 seconds.

Now we have Alice's attention, now we can make her a squirting, screaming whore at any moment we like. She understands how easily she can be controlled and that unnerves her a bit, but she doesn't have time to dwell on that fact, you see a hard cock is now all the way down her throat.

What happens next is a whirlwind of rough domination, hard cock and cumming. We take it to our bound little blond slut. We fuck that pretty face deep and with reckless abandon. In all my years of doing this, believe me when I tell you Alice Frost can take a brutal face fucking and still come out smiling. We really take it to her tight little throat.

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We tighten up the bondage into a brutal strappado and skull fuck Alice into next week. Her eyes are glassed over, she is cock drunk. We leave her, commanding her to leave her mouth hole open, just in case someone else wants a place to to put their cock...