Flying Inverted Category 5 Skull Fuck
The amazing Cassandra Nix returns to Sexually Broken for another round of extreme rope bondage to the severity that can only be found on the best rope bondage site on the net,

19-year-old Cassandra starts on the floor in a beautiful spread eagle position. We work her over hard with cane and flogger. There is nothing sexier then making a 19-year-old cum while she is helpless to do anything at all about it. As far as pain goes Cassandra takes the hardest hits we deliver on this site. Her pussy and feet take the brunt of the pain.

Like most ties here at Sexually Broken, we evolve the bondage before your eyes. What starts out as one thing gracefully turns into a Category 5 suspension. Now our sexy 19 year old is fucked. Her mouth opens to let out a moan as she sinks into the ropes, and a hard cock is jammed down her throat. She suffers a brutal face fucking while relentlessly subjected to devastating and unbearable orgasms. She never loses focus, this girl can multi task.

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