Deep throat expert Lotus Lain sybianed while bolted into the blow job machine! Total destruction!
We love Lotus Lain here at Sexuallybroken. They do not come much more eager and willing then this lean and lovely throat slut. Blessed with a booming body and a throat that just will not quit, Lotus is here today to get the full Sexuallybroken experience as only we can offer. We are going to throat train this whore until she can not get her eyes uncrossed.

We start off with a sybian, the world's most powerful vibrator. It sounds like a jet engine taking off and has the ability to rip orgasm after orgasm out of tender cunts. The sybian is only the beginning. Lotus is crucified on top on the sybian, oiled down until she is gleaming, and bolted into the automatic blow job machine. THIS is how you prepare a slut to get her throat hole reshaped.

Machines never get tired, they never slow down, they are utterly relentless. All we have to do is flip the switch and orgasm after orgasm is ripped out her tender cunt as the blow job machine whips her head back and forth. We step up and make full use of her skull. In mere seconds Lotus is reduced to a babbling, drooling, foggy-eyed mess of a slut. That is really all it takes to put her in her place. Bondage, cocks and orgasms are the key to take the starch out of anyone.

Lotus loves it. She craves it. She came here today to get destroyed, and destroyed she is. The drool from her well plowed throat has run down her oiled body and puddled under her pussy. She is heaving and gasping. She has had so many organs she has lost count. This is what sexually broken looks like. We will have to have this one back, she is just too much fun!
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