Elise's Challenge
Standing in a brutal stapaddo is painful enough for Elise Graves. We have her feet secured to the floor in solid metal boots so she is not going anywhere. When her legs get tired she is going to want to sit down and the only seat available just happens to be a bed of spikes.

She wants to cum from the vibration on her clit but there are so many things hurting her at the same time it is nearly impossible. The suction cups on her nipples are like a non-stop, tugging pinch. The spikes under her ass are digging in hard enough to leave dents. The collar around her neck is barely allowing Elise to breathe. How is a young slut supposed to orgasms through all of that?

The marks each of these treatments leave are amazing. Her nipples are distorted, her ass is on fire and she cannot hold back the screams or the tears. At one point she had subtly done makeup. Now the mascara is smeared around her eyes.

A few stickers tell Elise that she's been doing a good job in the most humiliating way possible. The savage caning that Elise takes next is enough to leave her weak in the knees. Again, she is left sobbing.

We want her staring into the camera for every stroke and that level of concentration means she has no way to block out the pain. Even if Matt has a hard time hitting her around the frame she is secured to, each time he lands a blow it gets a response.