Asphyxia Noir is Category 5 Face Fucked into subspace! Bound hard and deep throated! Brutal action!
Asphyxia Noir is one of the most perfect beings on the planet. Tall, long legs that go on for ever, a tight small ass, perfect blow job lips and flawless alabaster skin.

Asphyxia was built for sex. She is going to take anything you throw at her, for as long as you can throw it at her. She will not quit on you, she will not be sexually beaten, but you can fuck her up good. She will bend, she will go deep into subspace, but she won't break. That quality is so rare, and I mean RARE. It is going to a place sexually that most people do not even realize exists. It is sex on a different level far above and beyond what most people will ever know. And unless you have found that place, at least once, you will never be able to understand fully what I just wrote.

We bind Asphyxia on her knees, a tight chest harness compresses her perfect natural breasts and pinches her big nipples in the rope. Her legs are bound together and a Japansee tough trap keeps her tongue outside her mouth, causing her her to drool uncontrollably and preventing her from using her tongue to block the cock from going all the way down the back of her throat.

As we stated in the title, Asphyxia is going to get the face fucking of her lifetime. We punish her throat with cock. This is rough skull fucking at it's best. Asphyxia is completely helpless as the cock uses her mouth like a pussy. She never gives up, she takes and takes and takes, she never gives in when it comes to sex. Never.

We pull her up into a beautiful "fuck me" suspension, undo her hands, and then, in one graceful never before seen event, we create an inverted suspension before your eyes that is amazing to behold. An exponential step forward in the evolution of inverted suspension bondage, never seen before.

Now Asphyxia is dazed, deep in subspace and upside down. The skull fucking continues and we bring it harder than before. We add a vibrator and make Asphyxia cum over and over, while the hard cock is balls deep down her throat. Her body uncontrollably convulses as she orgasms. We step away. Apshyxia's eyes are open, but she sees nothing, a blank stare, she is gone. Completely and utterly Sexually Broken.....
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