Slave A Part 3
Water torture is one of the most insidious ways of breaking someone there is. It relies on the slow, steady drumming of small drops of water, something no one would be afraid of naturally. But after a few minutes it hurts like hell. The accumulated energy is like having a drill going through your forehead. It's painful, it's intense, and it's relentless. One of the worst torments in the world.

But we managed to find a way to keep Abigail Dupree's mind off of it for a few minutes. Attach electrodes to her tit and face and threaten to shock the shit out of her and she will forget all about the pain in her head and concentrate all of her effort on begging us not to push the little button that is going to cause her so much pain. She does everything short of screaming out the safe word, including crying, begging, threatening and bargaining.

It's an interesting study in the effects of fear. Endza has a good story about it, too. Something about terror is so damn sexy.
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