Just Breathe
My advice for Tracy Sweet: Just Breathe. Control your breathing, don't hold it in. Let it flow through you and it will help with the pain. The whip is impossible to ignore, but if you breathe through the pain it may keep the tears at bay.

Mr. Hitachi requires even more discipline. You have to cum on queue, and that means concentrating on something other than the intense vibrations coursing through your pussy. Focus on keeping your breathing steady to fight back the waves of pleasure threatening to take over your body, leaving you shaking and screaming in ecstasy.

And use that training while you are suspended in the air. Pleasure and pain are going to come at you from every direction once you are hanging helplessly in the middle of the room. One second you could be penetrated and loving the feeling of being full, another your feet may face a brutal caning. But if you want to keep your sense about you, Just Breathe.
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