Lovely Suffering Part 3
Luna gets off her last device and finds Eden's tongue deep in her asshole. The members request Luna smother Eden with her gorgeous ass and she complies. We get to see just how skilled Eden's tongue is. Once Luna's butt hole is thoroughly scrubbed it's time for her feet to get a good licking. Eden does an equally good job on them.

It's time for Luna to get her favorite punishment. She explained last time that at home her self-imposed punishment with her partner is inner thigh slaps. OT is going to make sure she isn't disappointed. He mounts her on a strict gyno chair that is going to make sure she can't move at all. Then he hits her with a thick rubber paddle. She screams and cries.

The members asked that Luna be put into position with her ankles attached to her neck. When she closes her legs it tightens the ropes on her neck. OT adds a little twist at the end. Luna is suspended completely by her hair.
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