Broke Ass Bitch
Bella Rossi is fucking around with things above her pay grade. Her boyfriend sent her to go pick up a package from some "friends" of his, but he didn't tell her that it was going to cost her everything. The dealer takes one look at her and knows exactly how this exchange is supposed to go down. He asks for the money, but he can tell she isn't carrying that kind of cash with her. He's got back up and she's all alone, so one way or another, this man is getting what he's owed.

The next thing Bella knows she's upside down and her hands are locked into some kind of metal cans. Her magnificent tits are tied off and she has no clue what the hell is about to happen to her. She needs to work off thousands of dollars worth of debt, and she is going to start now. Matt Williams hasn't discussed the payment plan with her, but it goes a little something like this. He's going to whip her, cane her, fuck her with a machine, and make her cum, and when he feels like he's gotten his money's worth he'll hand her the package and send her on her way. If she likes what she's had today she can always come back for more.